Marsblade Kit Sr.

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Marsblade is the first training tool that truly offers an ice-like feel without actually skating on ice. The unique rocking motion simulates the rounded shape of the ice hockey blade, allowing skaters to use the same agile movement pattern as in ice-skating. By activating the same muscle groups used for ice skating, Marsblade helps skaters prepare for the upcoming season, prevent injuries and become overall better ice hockey players.

The patented Flow Motion Technology is designed to enable a natural and smooth movement pattern, thereby improving performance and optimizing comfort while skating. The technology is based on a split chassis with a rounded upper chassis rocking against a flat bottom one. When the weight shifts forward or backward, the chassis follows the movement, giving the skater the best of both worlds: a longer stride and optimum maneuverability. A combination of these two key features enables higher speed, quicker turns and a smoother ride. The rocking motion can be adjusted and customized according to one’s skating level or preference.

Marsblade senior chassi x 2 
Labeda All-purpose Wheel x 10
*Large Chassi
- 8x76mm 
- 2x72mm 
*Medium Chassi 
- 8x72mm 
- 2x68mm

Sonic ABEC 7 Bearings x 16 
Axles x 8 
Bearing spacers x 8 
Marsblade skate tool x 1 

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