Brand new for 2017, Bauer has revamped their introductory level goal mask and introduced the NME4. The Bauer NME4 Senior Goalie Mask is intended for goalies looking for entry-level protection, yet more budget friendly than its upper-level NME counterparts.

Sharing the same shell design as the NME3, the NME4 Senior has a full LEXAN EXL polycarbonate shell and features a mechanically attached liner with upgraded Vinyl Nitrate dual density foam.

The NME4 Senior features a carbon steel round wire cage with stainless steel hardware.

Also new for 2017, Bauer has introduced new Vinyl graphics on their masks to replicate iconic designs on their “King” version and new exclusive designs on their “Wall” variant.

If you are an average-level goalie who is looking for a comfortable and light goal mask, the Bauer NME4 Senior Goalie Mask will be the goalie mask for you.

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