New for 2017, the Revolution line of gear has been redesigned to bring new life to the historic lineage.

The CCM Revolution 577 glove has a new cosmetic design with a graphic inspired by the original Koho 570 line. The CCM Revolution pays homage to the legendary design from the Leferve family and has new features desired by today’s goalie.

Continuing the already high popularity from the CCM Premier R1.9 and Koho Revolution 587 gloves, the Revolution 577 glove is a beautiful continuation of one of the most popular gloves on the market, the 590 degree break. The 590 break features a 60 degree closure that sits naturally on the hand giving some of the most game ready feel off of the shelf. The cuff is a true one piece design which gives rigidity to the glove and allows for more blocking surface when in blocking situations.

Next, the 577 features a classic Single T pocket that gives the goalie incredible visibility while catching the puck. The Single T also has a lot of lace in the pocket which helps puck retention and gives the goalie a very soft catch. Combined with the Single T, the glove has a standard sure grip palm so the goalie has maximum control over the closure of the glove.

Compared to the 577 Senior goalie catch glove, the Revolution 579 will feature higher quality construction with higher grade materials in both the outer materials and interior core.

If you are an Intermediate-Level goalie wanting the best designs from the Premier and Koho Revolution lines, look no further than the CCM Revolution 577 Senior Goal Glove.

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